Toby Dorr
Book Clubs

Book Clubs

Book clubs offer a rich and enjoyable experience that combines the pleasures of reading with the social and intellectual benefits of meaningful discussions. They are a fantastic way to connect with others, explore new literary works, and nurture personal growth. Bringing people together based on a shared interest in reading fosters a sense of belonging and community. Fostering social interaction, reading and discussing books with others can broaden one’s perspective and stimulate intellectual curiosity. Reading books and engaging in book club discussions can serve as a form of stress relief and relaxation, providing an escape from everyday life.

And who doesn’t love a great escape!

I’m delighted to have my memoir Living with Conviction grow as a book club option, and I have a special offer for book clubs out there.

When you choose Living with Conviction as a selection for your club, I will join one of your meetings via a Zoom call to participate in your discussion and answer any questions readers may have.

Reach out to me and we’ll set up a date!

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