Toby Dorr
Dragonflies Unleashed

Dragonflies Unleashed

Dragonflies have been around since the age of dinosaurs and they have the highest success rate of any living thing. This is due to their incredible vision. We look to dragonflies to investigate vision and focus. Dragonflies Unleashed is an elevating adventure that cultivates leadership.

A group of dragonflies can be called a glimmer and that’s what this program does. We help women glimmer and glow and find their calling.

Following the journey of the dragonfly, we focus on blazing a trail while seeing the horizon.

Dragonflies anticipate moving targets; you’ll learn how to quit chasing your dreams and focus on cornering your goals. We’ll tackle leadership, decision making, demand, pivoting to the opposite, purpose, and vision.

Blazing your own trail pushes us to be first, inspire followers and make a difference! We’ll touch on being a loner, the pull of popularity, the power of the company you keep, productivity tools, the value of listening – truly listening – and the tipping point of catching fire.

Margaret Thatcher tells us, “you may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.” Dragonflies Unleashed keeps you focused on that goal!

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