Toby Dorr
Butterflies Unleashed

Butterflies Unleashed

The first book in the Unleashed Series is a twelve-week transformational program introducing life-guiding principles. Writing exercises create healthy habits and change perspectives.

Originally designed for women in prison, Butterflies Unleashed has practical value for any woman. Our aim is to help women break through whatever holds them back.

After program completion, women are encouraged to submit their life essays for publication consideration.

A kaleidoscope is a group of butterflies. Our Kaleidoscope Women have fallen, been incarcerated, and released. They show us how to win. Read some of their stories…

Willingness to change is the cornerstone of good habits, and appreciation is one of the simplest expressions of attitude. Appreciation requires awareness of circumstances and principles which are not always apparent. Finding joy in unfavorable situations can be hard work. But the more you look for the best, the more you’ll find it, and the more you’ll create it.

Common principles; courage, perseverance, discernment, respect, and compassion, provide us tools for transformation. Focusing on each of these for one week, we build skills that make change imminent.

Boundaries and accountability are significant applications that give us intentional, measurable, and actionable principles.

Faith, purpose, and vision lead to living your life with conviction. These four game-changing principles draw on all your work and skills to complete the journey of transformation.

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