Toby Dorr
Shame Dragons

Shame Dragons

Shame will take over my life if I’m not always on guard. It’s a battle I face every day.

My Shame Dragon reared its head with soulless eyes, venomous fangs, battle-worn scales, and talons striking me down. Her heavy tail spiked my heart… and grew into the space I provided, leaving no room for hope; this dragon I had to slay. And I had the time. I began to dig into old wounds, and as I worked to discard misconceptions, my confidence emerged. Self-worth became my sword, and there, in prison, I began the crusade to slay that dragon.

Living With Conviction, memoir by Toby Dorr

The night I was arrested, a U.S. Marshal went out of his way to leave me with a message. He said, “Toby, you have a long road ahead of you and it’s not going to be easy. But don’t let this become who you are. You can rise above this. You are so much more than this crime.” His words sustained me through the darkest days of my twenty-seven-month prison sentence.

To survive, I had to slay my shame dragon. But that dragon is not totally removed. She just lies dormant, waiting for a crack in my armor. I can’t let my guard down, not even for an instant. You can slay your dragon too!

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