Toby Dorr
Owls Unleashed

Owls Unleashed

Owls Unleashed is the 6th book in The Unleashed Series and is part of the Leadership Collective: [Reaching OUT]. In this leadership program for women, owls serve as a profound source of inspiration. Owls are often associated with wisdom, insight, and quiet strength, making them a powerful symbol for developing effective leadership qualities.

Owls Unleashed is not yet released, but will be available for pre-order soon!

Ten percent of the proceeds from these workbooks will be added to a scholarship fund for women.

Wisdom and Insight
Symbol of Knowledge: Owls are traditionally seen as symbols of wisdom and deep knowledge. This can inspire women leaders to value continuous learning and seek to understand complex issues deeply.

Perception and Awareness
Keen Observers: Owls have exceptional vision and can see in the dark, symbolizing the ability to perceive beyond the obvious and understand hidden dynamics. This can teach leaders to develop keen observational skills and heightened awareness.

Calm and Composure
Silent Flight: Owls are known for their quiet, stealthy flight, representing calmness and composure. This can inspire women leaders to cultivate a calm and composed demeanor, especially under pressure.

Intuitive Leadership
Symbol of Intuition: Owls are often linked to intuition and the ability to see what others cannot. This can encourage women leaders to trust their instincts and use their intuition as a guiding force in decision-making.

Strategic Thinking
Silent Hunters: Owls are strategic hunters, carefully planning and executing their moves. This can inspire leaders to think strategically, plan meticulously, and execute their plans with precision.

Stealth and Patience
Patient Hunters: Owls exhibit great patience, waiting silently for the perfect moment to strike. This can teach leaders the value of patience and timing in achieving their objectives.

Adaptability and Resilience
Thriving in Darkness: Owls thrive in the dark, representing resilience and adaptability in challenging circumstances. This can encourage women leaders to embrace challenges and adapt to adverse conditions with resilience.

Guardianship and Protection
Symbol of Guardianship: Owls are seen as protectors and guardians in many cultures. This can inspire women leaders to be protective and nurturing towards their teams and communities.

Clarity and Focus
Sharp Focus: Owls have the ability to focus intensely on their prey. This can teach leaders the importance of clarity and focus in their goals and actions.

Mystery and Depth
Embracing the Unknown: Owls often represent the unknown and the mysterious. This can inspire leaders to embrace uncertainty and explore the depths of their potential and the unknown aspects of their journey.

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