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Owls Unleashed

Owls Unleashed

Owls have been popular since ancient times; they’re intelligent and sociable. Bone adaptations, blood vessels with contractile reservoirs, and a supporting vascular network allow the owls to turn their heads 135 degrees in either direction without cutting off blood to the brain.

Owls are mostly solitary creatures. But when they are in a group, they are called a Parliament. Many owls sleep in broad daylight, but the colors and markings on their feathers let them blend in with their surroundings.

Owls are capable of hearing prey under leaves, plants, dirt, and snow. Unlike most birds, owls make virtually no noise when they fly. They have special feathers that break turbulence into smaller currents, which reduces sound. Soft velvety down further muffles noise.

The oldest owl fossils are dated 50 to 60 million years ago!! That’s about the time dinosaurs went extinct.

Mythically wise, Owls Unleashed tackles attitude, education and unleashing. Ultimately, the coursework in this program prepares women to be difference makers in the world.

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