Toby Dorr
The Unleashed Series

The Unleashed Series

Inspiring women to escape their prisons and be a difference maker.

when she arrives from the kasper
when she comes from the glen
when she walks out of prison
her life begins

when she faces the past
when she heals old wounds
when she stands up for herself
the future looms

her wings are ready
she’s found her why
breaking free gave her 
the strength to fly

Invisibility, boredom, fear, duty – can all be prisons. By escaping, you’ll discover the woman you’re meant to be.

If you’re a woman who’s fallen, I feel your pain. You are not alone. I know how difficult it is to come back from being down.

My story challenges you to confront your fears, boldly evaluate where you are, and courageously change. I fought hard to heal. I wanted to quit, but here’s an old saying that the strength of a woman’s character is measured by the obstacle that stops her.

Over a dozen years, I have learned, achieved, created, cried, and grown. Almost immediately, my writing revealed a higher purpose.

Unleashed became a roadmap to redemption and the foundation for a series of workbooks and programs: The Unleashed Series.

The Unleashed Series started with one simple idea; to help women in prison rebuild their lives. Quickly, it grew into a larger purpose with multiple workbooks and programs. No matter your journey, we have a tool for you:

Foundational Collective

Introducing powerful character traits such as gratitude, courage, respect, compassion, and faith, these workbooks focus on laying a foundation on which to build a meaningful life.

We start with a journey of transformation, learn the value of being part of a healthy community, and introduce loftier principles such as the value of having a vision and discovering your unique passions while exploring ways to bring them forth.

By building a strong sense of self-worth and confidence, women are enabled to believe in their capabilities and take initiative in their endeavors.

a journey of transformation…

make time work for you!

Emerging from the chrysalis, the butterfly embodies a completely new identity. Similarly, women rebuilding their lives often discover and embrace new facets of themselves, leading to a renewed sense of identity and purpose.

The journey of transformation, despite being arduous, results in a creature of grace and beauty. This mirrors the endurance and perseverance women exhibit as they navigate and overcome obstacles in their lives.

Women who rebuild their lives serve as inspiration to others, much like how the beauty of butterflies inspires awe and admiration.
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a story of community…

showing the way home!

Bees tirelessly gather nectar and build their hive, symbolizing the importance of persistence and hard work in the rebuilding process.

Bees have a clear role within their hive. Likewise, women need to to explore and define their own purpose or mission as they rebuild their lives. This can help in creating a sense of direction and fulfillment.

Bees face numerous challenges in their environment but continue to thrive. Adapting to changes and overcoming obstacles, parallels the resilience needed in rebuilding life.
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an elevating adventure…

putting it all together.

Dragonflies thrive in various habitats and conditions, demonstrating resilience and adaptability. This is a powerful metaphor for women adapting to new circumstances and finding strength in diverse situations.

Dragonflies are known for their graceful and agile flight. This can inspire women to move through life with grace, embracing change and challenges with elegance.

Dragonflies often symbolize new beginnings and renewal, reflecting the continuous cycle of life and the opportunity for fresh starts.
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The Foundational Collective: Butterflies Unleashed, Bee Unleashed, and Dragonflies Unleashed, inspires women to blaze their own trails.

make time work for you!
showing the way home.
putting it all together.

Leadership Collective

Building on a powerful foundation, this is where the rubber meets the road.

It’s time to finesse your gifts and take your unique mission out into the world. Each of us has something special to offer the world. Don’t let your gift sit idle!

In the Leadership Collective, [Reaching OUT], we start with a deep dive into direction, marry that with purpose, and polish it with wisdom to create difference makers!

This leadership development program for women is designed to empower participants with the skills, confidence, and strategies needed to excel in leadership roles. It aims to address the unique challenges women face in leadership and leverage their strengths to foster effective and inspiring leadership.

a tale of direction…

as the crow flies…

Crows are opportunists. There are lessons to be learned in setting goals, taking action, and being persistent and creative in taking advantage of an opportunity.

Crows don’t fool anyone. 

Crows love to play games and have been seen playing while they are flying. They’ve been said to recognize the face of a person who was mean to them and then teach other crows to recognize the person as well.

Crows have much to teach us about life. Learn more…

a legend of purpose…

sip life’s nectar…

The hummingbird is one of nature’s most fascinating creatures. Although diminutive, hummingbird makes an impact — when you’re lucky enough to spot one. We can all learn from the agile, beautiful hummingbird.

Don’t let (perceived) “limitations” hold you back. Stay flexible and in the flow of life. Perhaps, most important of all, show your true colors!

Hummingbirds Unleashed is where purpose and direction meet and wisdom takes root.
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Wisdom’s lore…

illuminating life’s path…

Wisdom is something we gain from experience. We are not born with it. We are born with intelligence, but wisdom comes from falls, disappointments and successes.

Owl’s success depends on her ability to listen. In order to listen, you must embrace the silence.

Owl spends a lot of time sitting and waiting, observing and waiting, contemplating and waiting. Choosing her moment and taking flight. She doesn’t second guess her decision.
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The Leadership Collective: Crows Unleashed, Hummingbirds Unleashed, and Owls Unleashed, inspires women to change the world.

continuous learning and personal growth in leadership

joyful and resilient leadership

trusting your instincts and using intuition

Spiritual Collective





The Spiritual Collective: Seeds Unleashed, Growth Unleashed, and Resilience Unleashed, inspiring women to go beyond.

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