Escape Your Prison
The Unleashed Series

The Unleashed Series

The Unleashed Series was created to help women in prison rebuild their lives, but the program works for women everywhere. No matter your journey, we have a program for you:

  • transforming lives
  • cultivating healthy communities
  • avoiding traps
  • significance through leadership
  • boldly changing the world
  • bouncing back or bouncing out
  • discerning direction
  • finding purpose
  • wisdom

a journey of transformation…

make time work for you!

Stop! Sometimes helping doesn’t help.

Did you know?
A butterfly helped from its chrysalis will survive, but will never fly.

Breaking free strengthens its wings for flight.



a story of hard work and community…

showing the way home!

Bees shared the Earth with dinosaurs, but a single bee is only significant as part of a hive.

an elevating narrative…

for the leader in you.

Dragonflies are deadly; this ancient species takes all of its targets. With 30,000 facets, their eyes see in all directions and in colors invisible to us. You, too, must see the many facets of life.

Hunt your vision!

Connect the dots…

a catalyst for change…

be bold – be the change!

Scientists and engineers, fascinated by the amazing way that a ladybug folds its wings, are redesigning satellites.

Learn more about ladybugs and you.

a roadmap for resilience…


A grasshopper jumps nearly 30 feet. In perspective, it’s like a human leaping the length of a football field!

We can get ahead that easily too.



as the crow flies…

solve problems,
discern direction,
take action

Crows are problem solvers.They actually create and use tools to access food. For years they remember friends and foes.

hum while you work…

work gives purpose!

With outstanding memory, hummingbirds remember feeder locations, even years later. They also track bloom peaks of flowers they’ve visited.

Learn ways to find your purpose and hum while you work!

Find purpose…


wisdom waits…

listen to life!

Like studious scholars, owls represent wisdom and knowledge. Owls owe their success to supernatural hearing and nocturnal vigilance.

As an owl hears, people must listen.

a cautionary tale…

beware the snare.

Spiders are feared. Change can be terrifying too! Learn to avoid traps.