Escape Your Prison

Escape Your Prison

Escape Your Prison

Our mission helps women escape their prisons. Limitations, boredom, fear, expectations, duty, security – can all be prisons. By escaping, you’ll discover the woman you’re meant to be. If you are a woman who’s fallen,...
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You’re Unleashed! Planners, journals, workbooks and programs designed for women…
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Healing isn’t easy.

My story of a successful woman who fell is also the tale of a troubled inmate who rose. Healing isn’t easy. So many times, I wanted to quit. Behind bars, I found freedom from expectations,...
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Changing the world…

Unleashed Voices

Stories from women in our community

You are not your worst mistake…

Surviving cancer, Toby realized she had yet to do something that would change the world. So, she started a prison dog program, taking dogs from... Read More "You are not your worst mistake…"

Use your time to find out who you really are…

Proof that felons come from all walks of life, Gina was raised in a good home, but each of us deals with temptation and shame... Read More "Use your time to find out who you really are…"

Don’t be afraid to take risks…

Indra indicated that her parents were lying, stealing drug-addicts. Ironic that Indra, in the same breath said that her mother ruled with an “iron fist”,... Read More "Don’t be afraid to take risks…"

It all started with one step…

Gabby, a single mother of five, came to our office in tears. She had just been released from prison, was about to lose permanent custody... Read More "It all started with one step…"

Media and Events


The Atlantic Magazine, October 2020 Toby Dorr’s Great Escape
Wall Street Journal Article The Heart Has Its Reasons
New York Daily News EXCLUSIVE: Kansas jail worker that helped inmate she loved escape
The Kansas City Star She helped a Lansing prisoner escape in a dog crate 12 years ago. Here’s her story
“America’s Most Wanted” highlights escape case
Rebuilding from the ashes, Sedalia Democrat, July 5, 2015
Miami Herald, Toby Dorr (formerly Toby Young) talks about helping an inmate escape in a dog crate from Lansing Correctional Facility

Interviews and Stories

BBC Lisa Montgomery Story
KC Star Lisa Montgomery will soon be executed – she never had a chance, or a friend
Fox 4 News Kansas City Death Row Inmate’s Notorious Friend
Anderson Cooper 360 Interview
Brooke Baldwin Former prison worker tells why she helped inmate escape
Inside Edition Disgraced Prison Employee Predicts:
Speech to NCL Heart of Kansas City, A Woman’s Character
Oxygen Crime News, Woman Who Helped Inmate Escape Max Prison In a Dog Crate Tells Her Story
98.1 KMBZ Radio, 12 years ago, she smuggled a convicted murderer out of prison in a dog crate.
KMBC News, Toby Young Talks About Escape, Prison Life
Former Warden Talks about the famous Prison Escape
Inside Edition Lisa Montgomery Execution Criticized

This is Criminal Podcast
Let’s Go to Court Podcast
Radio Dana Diaries Podcast
The Morning Glory Project Podcast
Big Boss Mare Podcast


Women Starting Movements, Chicago Virtual Event, October 7-9, 2020
Women Starting Movements, Chicago, October 17-18, 2019
NCL Greater Kansas City, October 15, 2019
Urgent Care for the Broken Hearted, May 1, 2019
NCL Heart of Kansas City, September 5, 2018
Journey to New Life, March 1, 2018
The Embassy, October 2017
First Christian Church, Sedalia, March 2016

The Unleashed Series

The Unleashed Series was created to help women in prison rebuild their lives, but the program works for women everywhere. No matter your journey, we have a program for you:

  • transforming lives
  • cultivating healthy communities
  • avoiding traps
  • significance through leadership
  • boldly changing the world
  • bouncing back or bouncing out
  • discerning direction
  • finding purpose
  • wisdom

a journey of transformation…

make time work for you!

Stop! Sometimes helping doesn’t help.

Did you know?
A butterfly helped from its chrysalis will survive, but will never fly.

Breaking free strengthens its wings for flight.



a story of hard work and community…

showing the way home!

Bees shared the Earth with dinosaurs, but a single bee is only significant as part of a hive.

an elevating narrative…

for the leader in you.

Dragonflies are deadly; this ancient species takes all of its targets. With 30,000 facets, their eyes see in all directions and in colors invisible to us. You, too, must see the many facets of life.

Hunt your vision!

Connect the dots…

a catalyst for change…

be bold – be the change!

Scientists and engineers, fascinated by the amazing way that a ladybug folds its wings, are redesigning satellites.

Learn more about ladybugs and you.

a roadmap for resilience…


A grasshopper jumps nearly 30 feet. In perspective, it’s like a human leaping the length of a football field!

We can get ahead that easily too.



as the crow flies…

solve problems,
discern direction,
take action

Crows are problem solvers.They actually create and use tools to access food. For years they remember friends and foes.

hum while you work…

work gives purpose!

With outstanding memory, hummingbirds remember feeder locations, even years later. They also track bloom peaks of flowers they’ve visited.

Learn ways to find your purpose and hum while you work!

Find purpose…


wisdom waits…

listen to life!

Like studious scholars, owls represent wisdom and knowledge. Owls owe their success to supernatural hearing and nocturnal vigilance.

As an owl hears, people must listen.

a cautionary tale…

beware the snare.

Spiders are feared. Change can be terrifying too! Learn to avoid traps.



My story of a successful woman who fell is also the tale of a troubled inmate who rose.

Healing isn’t easy. It’s anything but. So many times, I wanted to give up. There’s an old saying that the strength of a woman’s character is measured by the obstacle that stops her.

If you search this site looking for a broken woman with a felony conviction, you’ll find me. If you search more hoping for answers, you’ll find a woman living with conviction. With wisdom, you’ll find both. Learn to live with conviction, unleashed—and unstoppable! Join me. Your details will differ, but in my story perhaps we’ll find each other.

I am
unashamed, uninhibited,
Are you?

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