Women Starting Movements, Chicago 2019

My story of a successful woman who fell is…

Tall, confident, and cool, John’s smoldering flirtations seemed innocent until I smuggled him out of prison in a dog crate.

I yearned.

I disarmed prison security with an obedient smile.

I complied.

Driven to make a difference, I built the largest prison dog program in the country.

I worked.

…also the story of a troubled inmate who rose.


Cast off your mantle of shame, resist opinions, and stand tall. I did!


Instantly change circumstances by changing your perspective. I see!


27 months in prison, seemed to end my life, but it was just beginning. Bitter grudges bind, forgiveness frees. I forgave!

Known as The Dog Lady of Lansing Prison, I am an author, entrepreneur, public speaker, warrior, difference-maker, and butterfly.

Unabated.  Uninhibited.  Unleashed.