Toby Dorr
Meet Toby Dorr, Female True Crime Writer

Meet Toby Dorr, Female True Crime Writer

Prison Volunteer, Inmate, Author

To be a female true-crime writer, you have to have lived through something. Toby did just that. But, for most of her life, she was invisible. And then one day she met someone who noticed her. It was like pouring water on a dying plant. Toby helped this young man escape from prison and they were on the run for twelve days. Across the country, headlines blared the news of their true crime.

Toby’s 27-month prison sentence opened her eyes to the injustices in our criminal justice system. Medical malpractice, inconsistent sentencing, and the brokenness of a for-profit prison corporation, all pushed her to become an advocate for change.

A lifetime is filled with many moments and events. A person should not be defined by a single poor decision. The character I found in the darkest valleys pushed me to grow and become more. The best journeys were the most difficult and molded me into a strong woman.

We are all so much more than our worst mistake.

Shame destroys us. It seems into any little crevice where it is allowed, growing like a week, taking over everything it touches. We all need to slay our shame dragons. Once you break the bond shame has over you, you’re on your redemption road.

Strangely, I found freedom behind bars. I used my 27-month sentence to figure out who I really was. I escape the prison of duty and perfectionism that I’d carefully built and nurtured my entire life. What will it take for you to escape your emotional prison?

When it comes down to it, nothing matters but love. And in order to truly love someone else, you have to love yourself first. It took me a long time to love the woman I am. And I found that love by writing my story. We all have a story to tell. When will you tell yours? Love wins everytime.

Believe in yourself. Don’t do anything halfway. Put everything you have into everything you do. When you live your life with conviction, the world changes.

Animated Video of My Story

I did not create this video, but I wish I had. It is so entertaining. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks Histographics for such a well-done video!

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Female True-Crime Writer, Toby Dorr

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