Toby Dorr


Here are my favorite interviews. We run the gambit from laughs to tears, learning and forgiving, and by all means redemption.

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“The attention from him was just like pouring water on a dying plant.  I was ready to just throw it all away to have this moment of significance.”
Toby Dorr has had a wild journey! Alexa and Toby discuss Toby's time in prison and what that taught her, plus her forthcoming book, Living With Conviction.
Criminal Podcast, Off Leash
Powerful and intimate, this session draws us into the Unleashed story in a way that only the Criminal podcast team can.
These guys really have a knack for finding the laughs in a story, even about one of loneliness and redemption.
On The Front Porch with Janet Schnell, Interview with Toby Dorr...
Dorr’s memoir is an inspirational invitation to look upon life with self-acceptance and love.
Radio Dana Diaries, Butterflies Unleashed
Everyone has a prison they carry with them. Come listen to how we're empowering women to grow beyond what was possible yesterday, and take on tomorrow!
The Morning Glory Project, You don’t have to be your worst mistake
To change yourself is to change your world. In this episode we have some real talk with a real champion for women's strength.
Try to Podcast, The Dog Lady of Lansing Prison -Toby Dorr Part I & Part II
We take this opportunity to talk about life and learning with our good friends at Try to Podcast.
Difficult times call for difficult conversations. Find your truth with others who walk the same path.
How you can realize the signs of vulnerability to fraud and social engineering in yourself.
Her how a bad decision turned into a positive healing platform for others.
The prison I needed to escape from was one I had built myself.
A very provoking three-hour podcast with over 300 corrections officers submitting questions and insights.
The Prison Officer Podcast is a place to share experiences, talk about leadership, fight through the stress and learn to survive one of the toughest careers out there.
Sick and Wrong Podcast, Interview with Toby Dorr...
May 25, 2022 Sick and Wrong Podcast interviews author Toby Dorr who helped inmate and lover John Manard escape from a Kansas prison in a dog crate.