What you’ll discover here is my life–every word, every emotion, every mistake. I fell in love with a man convicted of murder. I smuggled him out of prison in a dog crate.  I took a two week joy ride across the country, my face splashed on every TV screen and newspapers in the country and I got caught. Like him, I, too,  became a convicted felon.

My dad died while I was in jail.

My sons wouldn’t speak to me.

My divorce was the day before sentencing.

Inside this story of ruin, I discovered the truth about who I really am. I learned how far a person could fall and still get up. I discovered redemption and freedom in the strangest place–behind bars.

Stripped bare without the bindings of family and the weight of my own expectations to perform and satisfy, I finally had enough safety and freedom to discover myself. 

Apathy, fear and hopelessness cleared the slate for new lyrics.

Unabated.  Uninhibited.  …Unleashed.

My name is Toby, better known as The Dog Lady of Lansing Prison.

This is my story.