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Our Fierce Team

Our Fierce Team

Toby Dorr, Host and Creator

Toby Dorr, Author, Advocate, Speaker, Thought Leader:
Escape Your Prison

I am a word collector. I usually buy physical copies of books so I can circle words that touch my soul. I type words into a file on my phone when one catches my eye on a sign or advertisement.

Fierce is one of those words I collected from a sign during a ride. What a powerful word it is so underused.

There are two definitions of ‘fierce’. The most popular one is having or displaying an intense or ferocious aggressiveness. I think this connotation is a mostly negative thing and is not what I’m striving for.

I choose the alternative definition showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity. This is a positive thing. Believing strongly in something. Believing so strongly that you can’t let go of it. So strongly you can’t ignore the need to speak out and speak up.

We need to have conversations about the things we tend to keep hidden. Things that we don’t deal with well as a society. Things like moving through a tragedy, helping a loved one die, supporting others who are in a weak and needy place, reaching out to lift someone else up.

Mark Packard, Production

Mark Packard and Number Three Productions:
The Maestros of Sound and Vision

As the director and producer of Number Three Productions, Mark is intent on building procedures and techniques that transcend the confines of traditional distribution models. With a pioneering spirit, he leads the charge in creating a new creator economy of shared resources, forever reshaping our landscape. Mark is always looking for an opportunity to amplify voices and disrupt the world.

Recognized as a podcasting luminary, Mark has produced three captivating hiphop EPs, curated nine engaging podcasts, composed eight podcast theme songs, and brought nine enchanting audiobooks to life. His remarkable contributions have garnered acclaim, earning him consecutive nominations as Podcast Hero of the Year at the Publisher Podcast Awards, alongside esteemed creators from Marvel, Amazon, and Penguin Random House.

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Lisa S. Plasse, Music and Flutist

Lisa Plasse, Professional Musician, Owner of From the Top Music Studio in Midland Park, NJ

Lisa received her Bachelor of Music Education degree from William Paterson University, with a concentration in flute and voice. She also holds a Masters degree in Education Administration & Supervision from Montclair State University.

Lisa has over 30 years of teaching experience working with students of all ages and levels including special education. Lisa served as both Vice-President and President of the Board of Trustees of the Ridgewood Concert Band and during her presidency the band was awarded The Sudler Silver Scroll Award.

Lisa is a member of the Da Capo Trio and continues to perform in the tri-state area. Most recently, Lisa was inducted as an Honorary Member of the Eta Delta Chapter, Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Band Sorority, Incorporated through Howard University and she has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Ridgewood Guild.

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There are instances in our world that take our breath away and those are not the times to try and figure out what to say, what to offer, how to help someone else move through it. Discussing them now, in this podcast, when it’s safe you can expand your world and be able to step up in the worst of situations and be a pillar for others. By having these discussions, we can prepare for the in-the-moment hard times when we need to respond to what is happening.

Someone once asked me, “Aren’t you afraid to have fierce conversations? To talk about the uncomfortable things that no one wants to talk about?”

Not only am not afraid – I crave these conversations. I can barely tolerate shallow and polite conversations. I am not a small-talk kind of woman. Give me the grit and the heartache, the trials and tribulations, the growth and strength – the character it takes to overcome. Then, you have my attention.

I think playing it safe is extremely boring and uninspiring. I feel sorry for people who have a blessed, perfect life because they are missing so many opportunities for unbelievable experiences and knowledge.

As I child I took risks, sliding on frozen creeks with no regard for the thickness of the ice, exploring the woods for entire days, falling out of trees, getting kicked by horses. But as I got older, I started playing it safe. And playing it safe destroyed my life.

Today, as I’ve rebuilt my life I again take risks. I move forward boldly. I like to push the envelope.


Listen to these fierce conversations. Watch the emotions in the interviews. Strive to stretch as you listen. Consider how you might act in a difficult situation. If you prepare beforehand, you won’t be as blindsided by a tragedy and will have the emotional bandwidth in that hard moment to decide how to act or react.

Here, we provide an opportunity for those who are making a difference in the world and doing the hard things to share their stories with others. We validate their passions and missions. We encourage you to consider how you might also make a difference in your community.

Embrace the hard parts of your life’s story. Break free from the prison in which you may find yourself confined.

Welcome to Fierce Conversations with Toby.

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