Toby Dorr


“Were 12 days with John Manard worth 10 years of your life?”

He yelled above the raucous crowd of reporters. “My life?” I questioned silently. Fleeting images of the boys playing baseball, horses and dogs frolicking, Daddy’s shining eyes, a few glimmers of magical fragments littered the disappointment of my life.

I saw John’s face too.  I heard his booming voice and the echoes of laughter. I still smelled his clean scent on me.  Without John, my life didn’t matter. I wanted to quit, but there’s an old saying that the strength of a woman’s character is measured by the obstacle that stops her.

If you search this site looking for a broken woman with a felony, you’ll find me. If you read this story hoping for answers, you’ll find a woman living with conviction. With wisdom, you’ll find both. In my story perhaps we’ll find each other.

I wouldn’t advise anyone to break a convicted murderer out of prison, but if you find yourself with the opportunity and the notion to do it… don’t forget to learn something from the experience.

“Was it worth it?” The answer to that question is still being written.

My name is Toby, better known as The Dog Lady of Lansing Prison.
I am living with conviction!