Harriet was a movie released in 2019 about Harriet Tubman’s story.

Harriet is a person who demanded change. Who insisted on doing what’s right no matter the cost.

Harriet Tubman is a role model anyone can look up to.

In the movie, Harriet found her way to freedom, traveling almost 90 miles by foot. She became a conductor on the Underground Railroad. However, the government passed the Fugitive Law that allowed slave catchers to travel into free states and capture escaped slaves. The Philadelphia branch of the Underground Railroad prepared to close their shop because slaves would now have to find their way to Canada in order to be safe.

When Harriet heard of these plans, she said, “I ain’t givin’ up rescuin’ slaves BECAUSE IT’S FAR.”

This movie inspired me. To be a stronger person. To not give up in the face of adversity. To strive towards excellence. To stand my ground.

I am inspired.

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