Hitting Send podcast
Hitting Send podcast

Hitting Send podcast

Reilly reached out to me after the Dateline episode. He rarely watched Dateline, but somehow caught my episode on June 11.

“My name is Reilly and I (last night) watched your episode on Dateline NBC. I also have a podcast/lifestyle brand called Hitting Send. The basic idea behind Hitting Send is to tell the stories of those who have “hit send” on a new idea, gone against the grain to pursue their dreams/goals/etc. I was FASCINATED by your story, in a multitude of fashions, and not just the breakout/on the run part of your story. I was so inspired┬áby your ability to pivot again from when you were released from prison to use your journey to now inspire other women who have been incarcerated.”

Take a listen, and check out the other Hitting Send episodes!

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