Toby Dorr
Our Movement

Our Movement

Creating a world where love leaves no room for shame.

Being there for others is always the right thing to do even in – or maybe especially in – the face of public scrutiny. I loved my friend, Lisa, no matter her crime. Embracing those who are broken permits them to heal.

The word ‘fierce’ has been dancing around in my head for more than a year. I used it in the name of my podcast, Fierce Conversations with Toby.

Some people thought fierce was too strong, too unkind, too bold. But fierce is EXACTLY what’s needed.

But fierce wasn’t done with me…

The word ‘grace’ has been a key to my story. Grace has been by my side since I started this journey and I couldn’t have made it without her…
So, what if I put these two words together?

When you fill a space with enough love, there is no longer any room for shame.

And that’s the definition of fierce grace.

Mission Statement:

Uplifting women to embrace a space where love’s strength leaves no room for shame.

Vision Statement:

By celebrating the value we each hold inside, Fierce Grace is building a world community where everyone is loved and worthy, regardless of background.

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