Inspired by women who said, “That could have been me”, I wrote a memoir.

Over a dozen years, I have learned, achieved, created, cried and grown. Almost immediately, my writing revealed a higher purpose. What began as sensational entertainment, developed profound consequences of character; I became more joyful and focused.

Unleashed became a roadmap to redemption and the foundation for a series of workbooks and programs: The Unleashed Series. The first of six workbooks is complete and available.

Originally intended for incarcerated women, The Unleashed Series developed organically to serve distressed, disadvantaged and unfulfilled women.

Are you at risk?

Otherwise, consider sponsoring a woman who is.

We encourage women in prison to use their gift of time to assess their lives, pursue growth and begin to heal. Transformed women improve our communities.

Butterflies Unleashed is a 12 week transformational program we created to help women do just that.