We all have prisons; most of them built by us. And we alone have the key to unlock each and every one of them.

My mission and vision is to help women escape those self-imposed prisons!

Inspired by women who said, “That could have been me”, I wrote a memoir.

Over a dozen years, I have learned, achieved, created, cried and grown. Almost immediately, my writing revealed a higher purpose. What began as sensational entertainment, developed profound consequences of character; I became more joyful and focused.

Unleashed became a roadmap to redemption and the foundation for a series of workbooks and programs: The Unleashed Series.

Originally envisioned as a single workbook intended for incarcerated women, that vision has expanded to almost a dozen workbooks for women everywhere. Using nature to teach valuable lessons in transformation, building healthy communities, leading, being resilient and so many other strong characteristics, we introduce you to HERoes from history who changed the world, and women just like you who have done so too.

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