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The Better You Podcast

Kacie Main in Jacksonville, Florida is a friend of my niece, Tamir. Thanks Tamir for bringing us together! Kacie is doing some awesome things. Glad to be a part of it…

At 46, Toby founded the Safe Harbor Prison Dog program at Lansing Correctional Facility in Kansas. Nearly two years later, Toby abandoned herself and her life after falling in love with a handsome younger man who was doing life for murder. Together, on the run after a sensational prison escape, their honeymoon ended with a crash at a hundred miles per hour, chased into a tree by a large ensemble of law enforcement. Toby’s dive took her to the penal side of prison bars where she found the time and liberation to begin a transformation. A decade later, Toby has achieved two master’s degrees, completed her memoir, acquired literary agency, and sold the movie rights to her story. Publication is expected soon. Her story has been covered by America’s Most Wanted, the Wall Street Journal, Anderson Cooper, and more. Toby, better known as the Dog Lady of Lansing Prison, inspires women to break free.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How busyness affects our ability to gauge our true happiness.
  • How difficult it is to stand up for and do the things in life that we want to do.
  • The importance of having a victor mindset over a victim mindset when bad things happen.
  • How rock bottom can be a life changing blessing.
  • The power of journaling to overcome guilt and shame.
  • Letting go of a love gone wrong.

Listen here…

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