You are not your worst mistake…
You are not your worst mistake…

You are not your worst mistake…

Surviving cancer, Toby realized she had yet to do something that would change the world. So, she started a prison dog program, taking dogs from shelters and placing them in the prison where inmates would love them, heal them, train them, and then she adopted the dogs into loving families. Toby was making a difference, but why was she unsatisfied?

At a vulnerable and emotional time in her life, Toby fell in love. She agreed to help him escape from prison. They were on the run for twelve days until a high-speed car chase on a midnight interstate brought an end to their escape.

Sentenced to 27 months in prison, Toby lost everything she had worked her whole life to build. Including the wall she built around her emotions. Toby found freedom behind bars.

Prison was the best thing that ever happened to her. She was time rich. She had nothing but time! So Toby used that time to reflect, read and grow… a hard analysis of herself and who she wanted to be.

When Toby was released from prison, she lost relationships with some family members but gained so much more. Toby was free to be her!

Toby went back to school, completed two master’s degrees, and started her own business. She met and married the perfect man who is her best friend. Gained an instant family. Wrote a book about her redemption. 

And decided she need to be an advocate – Toby needed a mission, a purpose.

So she started Butterflies Unleashed which quickly grew into The Unleashed Series.

Many times Toby thought her life was over, but just around the corner was the next big thing. 

Your life isn’t over either. Get ready!

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