be fierce in the moment

be fierce in the moment

Changing the world…

Bonus Episode: Catching Up With Toby Dorr

Criminal Podcast is on the final stops of our 10th anniversary tour!

Lauren and Phoebe catch up backstage in D.C. with Toby Dorr, the subject of one of our favorite episodes – Off Leash.

Plus, Louisville Sluggers, a collection of Phoebe Judge impressions, and reports from the flight to Dublin.

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Kaleidoscope Voices

Stories from women in our community

You are not your worst mistake…

Surviving cancer, Toby realized she had yet to do something that would change the world. So, she started a prison dog program, taking dogs from... Read More "You are not your worst mistake…"

Use your time to find out who you really are…

Proof that felons come from all walks of life, Gina was raised in a good home, but each of us deals with temptation and shame... Read More "Use your time to find out who you really are…"

Don’t be afraid to take risks…

Indra indicated that her parents were lying, stealing drug-addicts. Ironic that Indra, in the same breath said that her mother ruled with an “iron fist”,... Read More "Don’t be afraid to take risks…"

It all started with one step…

Gabby, a single mother of five, came to our office in tears. She had just been released from prison, was about to lose permanent custody... Read More "It all started with one step…"

From Prison to Purpose

My story…

The year I became a number and a face everyone recognized but nobody knew, not even me…


Check out my new podcast, Fierce Conversations with Toby, where we talk about the hard things.


Unleashed is a roadmap to redemption with a series of products lovingly designed for women.

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My Heart is So Full!

We just returned from a ten-day trip to Kansas City. And it... Read More "My Heart is So Full!"

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America. In prison…

More than any other country in the world, America is in prison.... Read More "America. In prison…"

Animated Story – MY story!

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Our Movement

Inspiring women to escape their prisons.

Invisibility, boredom, fear, duty – can all be prisons.

By escaping, you’ll discover the woman you’re meant to be.

If you’re a woman who’s fallen, I feel your pain. You are not alone. I know how difficult it is to come back from being down.

My story challenges you to confront your fears, boldly evaluate where you are, and courageously change. I fought hard to heal. I wanted to quit, but here’s an old saying that the strength of a woman’s character is measured by the obstacle that stops her.

Over a dozen years, I have learned, achieved, created, cried, and grown. Almost immediately, my writing revealed a higher purpose.

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Fierce Conversations with Toby

As 2023 approached, creating a podcast wasn’t even a blip on my project list. But shortly after the first of the year, the idea took hold, and Fierce Conversations with Toby was born.

Our first episode aired on April 4, to coincide with the release of Justin Brooks’ new book You Might Go To Prison Even Though You’re Innocent.

I worried I wouldn’t find enough guests to interview, but that wasn’t an issue at all! I have episodes prepared at least six full months in advance.

There are so many stories out there of people who are making a difference in the world, providing us with role models in our own lives.

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  • 2.6K views – Episode 7May 16, 2023, Doing Things That Scare You with Catherine Bell
  • 2K views – Episode 1. April 4, 2023, You Might Go To Prison with Justin Brooks
  • 450 views – Episode 22, November 21, Thriving Beyond Cancer with Tekquiree Spencer
  • 166 views – Episode 20October 24, Crossing Cultural Boundaries with Leslie Ahmadi
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