The Smallness of Our World
The Smallness of Our World

The Smallness of Our World

Spring eases into summer and the world seems to come alive. This morning an ant crawled up my leg and as I watched her, I wondered what it might be like to see the world from an ant’s perspective.

I’ve lived decades of life, but I’m sure if I could get down to ant size and travel with the colony for a bit of time, I’d be astounded by all the things I haven’t been able to see. I think I would marvel at the smallness of the world.

The thought caused me to raise my eyes and see birds circling. I wondered about seeing the world through their perspective. This one is a bit easier to imagine since I’ve flown in an airplane, but I still think I’d find amazement at their bigger view of the world I live in.

This week, my husband and I took a trip to Boston. Walking in the sand while the tide was out, collecting shells, and listening to the constant rhythm of the waves, I pondered the joy and peace of being near the ocean. Do all the people who live within The walking distance of this beach, realize the marvel they have right outside their door?

We’ve lived in the Washington DC area for three years now. I’m sure other people might wonder that about us. Do we appreciate the history we are surrounded by? Or do we take it for granted?

I think it’s important to open your eyes to the world around you. Even though might think there’s nothing new to see, I’ll bet you could find dozens of things every day that you never noticed before.

Slowing down to just listen and be for ten minutes a day, could be eye-opening! Try it for a week and write down the new things in your world you haven’t taken the time to see. Does it make you appreciate your life a bit better? Does your load feel lighter?

One of my favorite things as the sun starts to set is to sit outside on my little patio and watch the slugs come out. There was a time in my life when I’d run for the saltshaker to get rid of the little pests. Truly, they’re not pests, and watching them slows my life down.

As I approach my seventh decade, my husband and I have talked about changes in our bodies – not related to looks, but how things feel. We all have an end date. Approaching the upper edge of my years has opened my eyes to things I haven’t seen before.



The relentless sea.

The power of the words I say.

The strength of the hugs I give.

The weight of the books I read. Both literally and figuratively.

What do you notice if you slow your life down and really see?

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