What is it that you Fear?
What is it that you Fear?

What is it that you Fear?

My husband and I have the joy of living with my stepson and his family, so we are on-site grandparents. It fills our lives with energy, laughter, and hugs.

This week, our daughter-in-law, her parents (visiting from Moldova), and our two grandkids were planning a trip to the beach. Neoprene suits were ordered, coolers were packed, the kids sparkled with anticipation.

I mentioned the new suits and commented on how they would work well in the ocean.

“Oh, the kids never get in the water,” my daughter-in-law said.

“What??? Why go to the beach then?”

“They play in the sand,” was the answer. “They stay out of the water because they are afraid of the waves.”

That’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard! So, I found the kids and asked what they’re afraid of about getting in the ocean.

“It’s salty and gets in my mouth.”

“It knocks me over.”

“I’m scared of its bigness.”

These are the same two kids who have turned into fish in the neighborhood pool conveniently located just through the gate in our back fence. These are the mermaid children who do flips in the water, swim through each other’s legs, and stay in the water for hours at a time.

“Look,” I told them, “You are missing out on so much fun! Here’s what I want you to do. Stand in the water about knee-deep to waist-deep. Turn your back to the ocean and face the beach. When you feel the wave come in, it will lift you just a bit. At that moment take your feet off the bottom, put your arms out, and let the wave carry you onto the beach.”

“I don’t know Grandma, it sounds scary.”

“Try it once and see what you think. If it’s too scary, well then just go play in the sand. But I’m gonna bet you will love it!”

The next evening, I called them to see how their day went. Their voices were a jumble of excitement pouring over each other.

“We did that thing you told us!’

“SO much fun!”

“We love it!”

Their mother sent me a video and bought them paddle boards. The next day there was no stopping their wave riding!

Life is a tumbled lot of fears and uncertainty.

But look at all you miss out on when you let fear hold you back!

What new thing will you try this week?

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