Happy Freedom Day!
Happy Freedom Day!

Happy Freedom Day!

What a week it has been! We started with a block party at our son’s with more fireworks and joyful kids than we could have ever imagined. Happy birthday America!

We’re ending the week by loading a UHaul and heading for Washington D.C.! Well, technically, Virginia – but I’m claiming it as D.C. Kevin got a new job there and we’re all moving together. We have a separate living space in their new house. The grandkids (and us grandparents) are delighted by this turn of events.

But, seriously, moving is no picnic!

July is a momentous month. Fifteen years ago next week, I went to prison. Eleven years ago this month I became a grandmother. Five years ago this month, we made the decision to sell our building in Sedalia and move back to Kansas City.

I’ve felt God nudging me out of KC for several months now, we just didn’t know where He was going to send us. Turns out it’s in the heart of the lion’s den. I hope to have some influence and leverage there to push for changes in our criminal justice system.

Kansas City has been the hub of my life, but it’s time to move on. This is a bittersweet journey (aren’t they all?)

I’ve made some deep friendships here, but I’ll take them with me. And I’ll miss my brother terribly, but he’ll come to visit. And so life goes forward.

What path has your life taken. Mine has definitely been a crooked path with many sharp turns.

Here’s to grandkids and new adventures!


  1. sandy

    Sending lots of well wishes on your move-I can imagine the mixed feelings of leaving Kansas. Perhaps your move to DC will start a movement for so many. All the best to you and your family!

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