Lifetime Movie Watch Party
Lifetime Movie Watch Party

Lifetime Movie Watch Party

Join me for a Lifetime Movie Watch Party. Jailbreak Lovers is about my story and I have no idea what’s in it! Watch with me.

Saturday, July 2, I – like you – will be watching the Lifetime movie made about my story – FOR THE FIRST TIME!

I was not involved in the script writing nor consulted about the story nor even knew this movie was in the works until I saw the announcement a month ago.

Can you imagine sitting down to watch a movie about the most notorious episode in your life and not having any idea how they will portray you?

Well, now you’ll know. Because you can join my Facebook Watch Party Event LIVE. I’ll be posting my comments as I watch the movie and answering questions from you as you watch. During commercial breaks, I’ll provide a summary of my thoughts so far in the movie: what did they get right, how I felt watching my story unfold, my personal rating of the movie, etc.

Join me for a Lifetime Movie Watch Party. Jailbreak Lovers is about my story and I have no idea what’s in it! Watch with me.

What will be your favorite scene? What will be mine? What script line will make me cringe? What part of the story will make me laugh? Cry? Celebrate? You’ll learn it all as you watch with me. Special conversations during commercial breaks will give you special insight and behind the scenes reality checks. I can’t wait! Mark your calendar…

Join us today! Reserve your spot. This is a free event.

To get the REAL story behind the movie, purchase my memoir Living With Conviction which has made #1 Best Seller in New Releases on Amazon for both the eBook and audiobook in less than one week!

And, don’t forget your popcorn!


  1. Sara Lyn Stone

    Hello, Ms. Dorr I can’t imagine how nerve wracking it would be to find a movie had been made about my life!
    Would love to join you in watching it but may not have that time free. I hope for your sake, the movie is accurate & not just sensationalized.

    Please consider writing a review of the movie for your blog.

    All My Best to You! Sara Lyn

  2. Sara Lyn Stone

    Hello, Ms. Dorr It would be incredibly stressful to have a movie made about my worst mistake. I would like to join your Watch Party but may not be free.

    I hope the movie is fair to you & not just sensationalized.

    Please do write a review & share your reaction to the movie in a blog post soon.

    All My Best to You! Sara Lyn

      1. Sara Lyn Stone

        Hi Again, Toby ~ I do admire your ability to be open & outspoken on this difficult chapter in your life & thereby help other women navigate thru their own low points.

        I am ordering your book to learn more after watching the Dateline episode featuring your story –

        air date 2021 JUN

        I was amazed to find it still online. Here is the link if you want to draw attention to it again. The Dateline episode would serve as a contrast to the Lifetime movie especially if Lifetime deviates significantly from the truth.

        I did find the Dateline narrative to be gripping but it left me with so many questions hoping to find the answers in your book.

        My outlook is such that I feel that adults – your family, friends & colleagues – could all take care of themselves in whatever scenario evolved due to your actions.

        My concern is with the Dogs in the Safe Harbor program. Domesticated animals are captive & entirely dependent upon people for their care.

        What happened to the Dogs that you left behind the day of the escape? Have you written a blog about that or included it in your book?

        Happy 4th of July! Sara Lyn

        1. Toby

          Sara Lyn, some employees of the prison volunteered to take over responsibility for the dog program and Safe Harbor continued running, training and adopting out dogs until they decided to close the program a year ago. I love your concern for the dogs!

        2. Toby Dorr

          Sara, the day of the escape I left the dogs in my van in my barn with the other dogs waiting to go to the prison. The dog program did continue for 15 more years after I left. Prison officers volunteered to run the program. I am so happy it continued without me.

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