My Heart is So Full!
My Heart is So Full!

My Heart is So Full!

We just returned from a ten-day trip to Kansas City. And it was a whirlwind!

We spent four days driving and jump-started our trip by leaving in the evening the day before we had planned to leave.

In our six days in Kansas City, we fit in:

  • Got to KC just in time to catch the second half of a most fantastic and nail-biting Chiefs game, but aren’t they all?
  • Lots of evening time to catch up with my brother Tom and his wife Tammy, and got them hooked on Yellowstone!
  • Three book signings
  • Dinner with a former dog handler (Proud of you Steve)
  • Lunch and a working meeting with a client (Excited to see where we go, Mo!)
  • Several chiropractor visits – thanks Andy Harding for putting me back together again.
  • Dinner with family (love you, Karen and Dean)
  • Radio time with my favs – Dana and Parks!
  • A Menard’s fix – when will they make it to Virginia?
  • My niece’s wedding (Amber, you were beautiful)
  • A most awesome two-day seminar, Slaying Your Shame Dragon (which filled my heart and gave me a new tribe! Thanks Barabara!!)
  • Book signing and services at our former church in Sedalia (Thanks so much Chad!)
  • Interview with Faith Bemiss for a front-page story in the Sedalia newspaper. (Blessings to you Faith!)
  • Lunch and overnight stay with Sedalia friends (Love your new house, Jake and Larry!)
  • Visit with our oldest Sedalia friends (Thanks Andy!)
  • Breakfast with our most profound Sedalia mentors and friends (Love you, Ben and Vicki!)
  • Our planned route home for a beautiful trip through the Blue Ridge Mountains turned tricky with heavy rain and low fog.
  • But it all came together when we pulled into the driveway with happy grandkids dancing around us!


    1. Patsy Collins

      Toby, I did finish reading your book, Living With Conviction, and I cried through the whole last chapter. Having known you and then reading all that you privately went through REALLY touched my heart. I have loaned your book to a friend at my vet’s office.
      I am so happy for you that LIFE is busy and fruitful. What a Whirlwind!!!!

      Again, great reading about all your friends and happy goings-on on your KC trip. If ever in St. Louis, please let me know.

    2. Toby, I love you and follow you from a distance as do many others you know not of. You are making a difference in ways you likely will never know. It’s a joy to watch your continued journey of success having escaped your prison. 🙂

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