Prisons are big business
Prisons are big business

Prisons are big business

I spent 15 months in a for-profit prison. Now that’s an oxymoron! We know if profits are important, then care and service will be undermined.

I slipped and fell one December morning in my prison cell. The floors are concrete, buffed and polished to a slick shiny surface.

I was taken to medical immediately and given a pair of crutches. Three days later, officers were told to take away my crutches because I surely didn’t need them anymore.

I couldn’t walk and my leg continued to swell and throb, turning beautiful shades of black, purple and green.

Ten days after my fall, medical finally relented and x-rayed my leg. It was broken. A visit to an orthopedic doctor confirmed that it was out of place and needed surgery to reset and position it to heal.

Surgery denied.

I wore a cast for 24 weeks – three times longer than normal because the break refused to heal. Today it still bothers me.

This morning I came across this article about how prisons are being built under the guise of bringing income into poor communities. Except that isn’t happening. Politicians are lining their pockets and mining companies are given green lights to destroy the mountains. Counties come up with stricter crime policies so that more inmates bring in state and federal money to help with their budgets

But the communities don’t want anything to do with this industry – they don’t want to be a part of creating reasons to incarcerate more people and they’re starting to speak out. It’s a good read – prepare to be outraged…

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